Apple 15-inch iMac MacBook Air will be available

Apple 15-inch iMac MacBook Air will be available to buy.

The M1 iMac made a major splash when it launched two years ago in spring 2021, but there hasn’t been any updates since then. Fortunately for Apple enthusiasts though, a new iMac may soon be on its way!

According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman’s report, the next iMac is currently going through production tests. This stage of development (known as engineering validation testing or EVT) signals that the product may soon be ready for launch.

Gurman believes the iMac won’t enter mass production for at least another three months, but this is still some of the most promising iMac news we’ve heard in a while. Based on his current production schedule, he anticipates shipping the new iMac by the second half of 2023 at most.

What can we expect when the new iMac hits stores? Gurman’s report outlines that it will look almost identical to the current M1 iMac, at least on the outside. That means it will feature the same 24-inch display size and range of vibrant chassis colors, continuing the design language established by its predecessor.

The M3 Chip Is Coming

On the inside, however, things could be very different. According to Gurman, Apple will redesign their computer’s internals and equip it with a more powerful Apple silicon chip for increased performance.

At present, however, we don’t know which chip that will be. The leading contenders are the M2 and yet-unreleased M3, which could be Apple’s first 3-nanometer chip with next-generation performance and efficiency. Based on other products Apple has planned for release soon, however, the M3 makes the most sense.

Gurman reports Apple is also planning to release a new Mac Pro, an updated 13-inch MacBook Air and 15-inch MacBook Air models with M3 chips – since the current MacBook Air already features an M2 chip. Therefore, splitting up the MacBook Air lineup into two models with different chips would not make business sense for Apple.

Gurman anticipates the Mac Pro and two MacBook Air laptops to be released between “late spring and summer,” suggesting Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). That will be before Apple’s new iMac is expected to debut. If these MacBook Air models do indeed feature an M3 chip, that could be a strong indication that later iMacs will also feature this technology.

Unfortunately, no mention was made of the iMac Pro.

According to Gurman’s report, Apple is also planning a new iPad Pro with an OLED display and M3 chip for the first half of 2024; similarly, M3 Pro and Max MacBook Pros will follow shortly thereafter in 2024. Finally, in 2025, Gurman anticipates Apple could release its first MacBooks equipped with OLED displays and touchscreen panels.

However, one model was noticeably absent: the 27-inch iMac Pro. While many industry insiders believe a new iMac Pro is on its way, Gurman seemed skeptical – could this mean his doubts too?

Whatever the truth may be, Apple appears to have big plans for its Mac lineup. If Gurman is correct, we could see the first M3 Macs in just a couple of months, finally ending our long wait for an updated iMac.

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