Charleston White Biography

Charleston White Biography

Charleston White has been a popular American comedian, Youtuber and entrepreneur, influencer, and has been a target of trolls for sharing their truth on media. media. He is born in 1970 , in the Lone star state, which is commonly referred to by the name of Texas.

Currently Charleston is 52 years old man. He is famous for his amazing YouTube videos. He has 216K followers to his Youtube channel titled “The Real” Charleston White. Charleston has an infamous criminal history and spent many years in prison for murdering Michael Levy. If you’re interested in finding out the real Charleston White Then go through the entire blog article of Charleston White biography.

He transformed himself from a criminal background into a decent person. He developed his own persona via YouTube videos, motivational speeches , and comedy tours throughout the Americas and across America.

He is the founder and CEO of Hyped about HYPE (Helping young people excel) youth Outreach. In this piece, we focus upon the Charleston White Biography, Net Worth Age, Family and Wife, as well as Career.

Who is Charleston White?

We do not know the exact date of the birth of Charleston White. He didn’t talk about anything concerning his life publicly. In this post we have shared some fascinating facts about Charleston that you may not know. He is a 52 year old male who is multi-talented and has completed his studies at the local school in Texas. He is a member of the American Nationality. We did not find his zodiac sign due the absence of details.

Charleston White Biography

According to Charleston’s LinkedIn profile for Charleston the profile shows that Charleston has 346 connections, and 529 followers. He is a Prelaw student at Texas Wesleyan University located in Fort worth, Texas. At the age of 14 Charleston was found guilty of murder. He is the first juvenile within my locality (Tarrant) who was convicted of murder. Charleston was sentenced to a white prisoner for 12 years in accordance with the Texas Determining Sentence (juvenile) law.

He served six and six and a half years in Giddings State school for the crime of murder. He participated in numerous interviews and podcasts where we heard about his triumph story. As as of now the man is a crazed and genius persona who gained a lot of fans on social media. Charleston became famous after the controversy surrounding Soulja Boy in July 2022.

Charleston White Bio

His accomplishments include completing 83 credits towards getting his Bachelor Degree in Criminal justice. Charleston was of the opinion that his story inspired political leaders, community leaders and correctional officers, police officers, probation officers , and many others in the justice system.

Charleston White Family

According to media reports that he was born into a family that was joint in the place where his home is located and he was raised in Texas along with the rest of his siblings. His aunt is the mother of five kids. Charleston White is the only one. His Big Brother name is K. White who was recently released from prison after 31 years in prison for the murder which he committed at the aged of 17.Charleston White said in an interview with his mother that she was waiting eagerly to meet his big brother.

He has never heard of any rumors concerning K. White from Prison after the fact that he committed the crime of murder. My brother was a kind of person who smiled throughout the time. He is a multi-ethnic person with African descent. Charleston adheres to the his Christian Religion. Currently we haven’t found any reliable information on Charleston White family Members(Father and Mother).According sources, that his dad is an entrepreneur while mom is homemaker. He shared a picture with his mother.

Charleston White Wife, Girlfriend, Children

When we discuss Charleston White love life, the man is truly a family man. He is married with two children. He lives happily alongside his loved ones living in Texas, USA. He kept all the information about his wife’s name, kids names, etc. May be because of his past criminal record and gang leadership, he did not wish to divulge his personal details on a public platform. We must be respectful of the privacy and privacy rights of Charleston White. Whenever you hear from him about anything that is connected to his wife and children we will inform you via this blog article.

Charleston Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

He has a nice physical appearance, with a attractive look. His size is 5’8 inches. His weight ranges from 65-70 kgs. He is wearing piercings on his ears. Charleston White is black in color eyes, as well as black-colored hair. Charleston White sports a sparkling smile faced. He always has a different outfit with a chic appearance at 52 years old.

Charleston White Career & Profession

Charlesron transformed himself due to his work. He is a talented comedian, creator of YouTube content as well as a social media influencer. He is the founder of HYPED about HYPE (Helping Young People excel) Youth Outreach. Charleston promotes a variety of brands via his social media accounts. He has gained many followers on Instagram and subscribers on Youtube. Charleston Instagram handle is rattwilliams_.He is a hundred twenty-five thousands (125K) fans and has 941 followers to the account. Instagram account.

He started Instagram from December 2022 and got 125K followers just in 2.5 months. His instagram account most popular reel got 132K views till Feb 2023.He has 217K subscribers on youtube with 4.3 million views. He has facebook group name “Charleston White Fan Page” with 96.4K members. Charleston has a tiktok account with the name of officialcharlestontiktok where he gained 254K followers and 611K likes.

Charleston White Net Worth, Income

He makes money through comedy shows, promoting the brand, its pages and product on their social media sites as well as selling its own products on their Official website. One interview said that, prior to 2020, there was not one cent through its social media platforms.

A Fewer-known Facts you did not be aware of about Charleston White

  • Charleston White can also be referred to also as Baby Blu.
  • He is grateful to his Texas Youth Commission for saving his life.
  • He has been featured in a variety of podcasts and interviews.
  • He also sells his own through social media.
  • He also serves as a volunteer Chaplain for Welcome Back Tarrant County.
  • He has completed 83 Credit Hours towards my Master Degree.


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