Dolly Parton never got tired in the voice of Kenny Rogers’ voice

Dolly Parton misses Kenny Rogers “so much”.

The legendary singer passed away of unnatural causes back in the month of March of 2020, aged 81. Dolly confesses that she is reminded of him frequently.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

She wrote: “I miss him so deeply. I’ve lost numerous amazing friends in my lifetime over the past few years. However, Kenny was one of them. He was extremely loved and special and I never get bored of hearing us sing throughout the time we performed on stage together.”

Dolly insists that she “never get bored with Kenny’s vocals”.

The icon of country music has fond memories of recording ‘Islands in the stream”, their 1983 collaboration.

She said to PEOPLE: “You know how often you get bored of a song because it becomes boring?

“But I’d always lighten up whenever that song was scheduled to be in the setlist. It always made everyone feel comfortable in the crowd and the audience was always enthralled by singing it. I’ve never tired of Kenny’s voice.”

Dolly also gave a tribute to her friend from the showbiz world shortly after his passing.

The hitmaker from ‘Jolene’ posted on social media in the year: “Well, I couldn’t believe that. The other day, I woke up , and turned on my television … the news informed me that my dear friend and singer-partner Kenny Rogers had passed away. We all know that Kenny lives in a far better spot than where we are today and I’m sure that he’ll be speaking to God in the near future If he’s not already. He’ll ask him to shine some light to all of the darkness in this world.

“But I loved Kenny with all my heart. My heart has broken and a large portion of it is gone his to this day. In my opinion, I’m speaking for all his family, friends and followers in saying that I will forever love you.”


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