Earn Millions in GTA Online in 5 Easy Steps

Earn Millions in GTA Online in 5 Easy Steps.

GTA Online has been a grindfest for years. Rockstar Games originally released the title as an easy multiplayer title, but eventually evolved into businesses and heists with the ultimate aim of becoming Los Santos’ kingpin.

Grinders and newcomers often struggle to stay abreast of the in-game economy. Making enough money, yet losing much of it on basic needs, can be a major hurdle in their path towards becoming millionaires.

How to create stable income streams and make millions in GTA Online in 2023

Becoming a millionaire in GTA Online in 2023 requires careful planning and spending. You need to create an income stream of businesses and errands that generate money even when you’re away from them. While GTA Online provides several money-making methods in 2023, not all of them will make you rich. To increase your odds at making money faster, follow these steps:

1) Launch a Low Investment-High Rewards Business

GTA Online offers plenty of businesses, each with its own distinct operating style. While many require large initial investments and setups to get going, the new Acid Lab business allows even entry-level players to get started right away.

To launch this business venture, complete all six First Dose series missions. After the last one, the game will reward you with the MTL Brickade 6×6 truck which serves as Acid Lab’s base.

This business initially generates around $220,000 per batch, but with upgraded equipment its production value can be increased to nearly $325,000.

2) Establish the Agency Business

Once you’ve generated a steady income from the Acid Lab, set aside some funds to purchase an Agency. It is one of the most useful properties in GTA Online as it opens up two sources of passive income.

Once you purchase the property, complete all the requirements to unlock Dr. Dre’s VIP Contract and win $1 million in cash! This mission can be repeated multiple times for additional rewards.

Franklin’s Payphone Hits assassination missions are among the highest and fastest moneymaking ventures in the game.

3) Purchase the Kosatka submarine to unlock the Cayo Perico Heist

Dr. Dre’s VIP Contract should have already made you a millionaire, but if you want to increase your cash flow even more, purchase a Kosatka and attempt the Cayo Perico Heist – it is currently one of GTA Online’s most popular money-making methods and you can do it alone for all its benefits.

4) Establish a Bunker

Bunker is one of the most lucrative businesses in game, though it takes some time to reap its rewards. That being said, if you want additional income sources in-game, investing in one is necessary – one full batch of Bunker products generates around $1 million annually.

5) Investing in an Aircraft Hangar

Aircraft hangars can be a lucrative source of income, but they require considerable manpower and time. You should invest in this business and keep it stocked so you can resell it when its value increases.

GTA Online players can expect a full load of hangar cargo to fetch anywhere from $1,200,000 up to $5,670,000 in profits.

By following the preceding steps carefully, you could potentially become a millionaire by step three or four. Furthermore, you can also leverage other businesses to augment your income.


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