Fans watch in shock as the Brooklyn Nets suffer an incredible 44 point loss to Patrick Beverley and the Chicago Bulls.

Fans watch in shock as the Brooklyn Nets suffer an incredible 44 point loss to Patrick Beverley and the Chicago Bulls.

In Patrick Beverley’s first game as a Chicago Bull, the Bulls easily defeated the Brooklyn Nets 103-53. That lead had basketball fans across social media going crazy! With 9:17 remaining in the game, Chicago led by as many as 103-53 and had fans going wild online.

Beverley was the star player in the lineup and earned himself some credit for the Bulls’ dominance against the Nets.

This season, the Chicago Bulls became the first team to hold their opponents to under 30 points in the first half. Brooklyn only scored 18 points in the opening period and an incredible 11 in the second. Conversely, Chicago played “normal” basketball and hit 63 points during that stretch.

It remains to be seen if Beverley arrival will provide the spark that Chicago’s offense has been lacking all season. “Pat Bev” is renowned for his defensive skills and has demonstrated them wherever he has played, and for one game at least, their offense has looked significantly improved.

Before Beverley’s arrival, the Chicago Bulls were 24th in offensive rating with 111.27 ORTG and 21st in points scored with 113.1 PPG. These numbers are expected to improve following tonight’s crushing of the struggling Brooklyn Nets.

The Brooklyn Nets have become a shell of their former super team after trading Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks for a package featuring Spencer Dinwiddie and Dorian Finney-Smith.

Sean Marks also traded franchise player Kevin Durant to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for a wealth of draft picks – Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson and Jae Crowder being three of them.

No amount of Ben Simmons’ presence would have made a difference either. He’s become a mere shadow of his former All-Star self, even coming off the bench after multiple trades sent their two best players out of the Eastern Conference.

Will Patrick Beverley impact propel the Chicago Bulls to the playoffs?

The Chicago desperately needed a spark to revive their season, so they signed Patrick Beverley to shore up defense and add playmaking talent to the roster. It is expected that his presence on defense, where he has earned a reputation as one of NBA’s elite players, will have the biggest impact.

Tonight, Billy Donovan’s squad showed more energy and an urgency to succeed. How they respond to stronger and more disciplined teams could determine their chances of making the postseason.

The Chicago Bulls rank dead last in three-point attempts (28.8) and makes (10.3) per game, as their roster is filled with players who thrive from mid-range, particularly DeMar DeRozan. But they need more from Beverley who has never been particularly proficient there either.

Tonight, Beverley hit 1-3 for the Chicago Bulls as they shot 12-26 from beyond the arc. Zach LaVine and Dalen Terry combined to hit 7-9, but this unit has struggled mightily from behind the arc.

Chicago currently sits 11th (26-33), two games behind the Washington Wizards (28-31) for the 10th spot and final play-in ticket.

Out of their remaining 22 games, only four will be against opponents who aren’t shooting for the playoffs. There’s still a long way to go before they can secure a place in the play-in tournament.

Patrick Beverley’s impact on the Chicago Bulls was greater than anticipated in their opening game. Watching them sustain it throughout their stretch run will be something worth following closely.

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