How do I utilize the scanner within Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart

The first obstacle for Atomic Heart is the tutorial. No matter the difficulties you’re experiencing while trying to master the scanner, remember that this isn’t a problem (probably).

It’s easy to get lost right at the beginning of this first-person shooter released today available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows PC.

How to utilize the scanner in the ATOMIC HEART Tutorial?

To access the scanner in Atomic Heart, just double-tap R1 on PlayStation (or RB on Xbox) Then continue to hold R1 or R1 or RB until you’ve completed the second press.

The instructions written in the form (“Hold R1 and R1” on PlayStation) appear to be an instruction where you’re instructed to use two buttons at the same time as well as the NPC — who is there only to support the the game’s fictitious world -will tell you something to the result from “holding both hands together.”

In light of the general flaws in Atomic Heart, no one will blame you for believing that the instruction in the text is wrong, or constantly trying to press down R1 and R1 simultaneously instead of just one shoulder button for each hand. (This writer is accused of being guilty.)

How to find items using ATOMIC Heart Scanner?

The Atomic Heart scanner functions much like the scanners that are used in games of all kinds it helps you understand the surroundings. As you scan, objects appear highlighted in overlays in various colors. The game does not provide a clear explanation for:

Blue is the color of drawers, chests and other containers with items you can take.

Orange indicates enemies. If you put the scanner in front of a particular adversary, you’ll be in a position to look up their strengths and weaknesses and a list of what loot they’ll be able to drop in the event of defeat. It’s important to note that the scanner won’t suspend time indefinitely but you’re still susceptible to attack.

White marks objects which you can interact withlike elevators, save stations call buttons, etc. of thing.

Purple indicates story-essential items. Most of the time, Atomic Heart is pretty accommodating with its waypointing however, in some instances you’ll have to perform the task yourself. For instance, in”Made in the USSR,” for instance, during “Made by the Soviet Union” mission, you need to locate the “voice as well as the symbol and the flowering that is”the Motherland.” When you activate the scanner will reveal the three things that include a radio, an hammer, and the plant you must move. They’re all within the same space.


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