Paris Hilton reveals newly born son name

Paris Hilton reveals newly born son name.

Paris Hilton has shared the name of her son’s newborn. In their “This Is Paris” podcast, this week the reality star stated that the name she gave her son was Phoenix and not even the mother of her child, Kathy Hilton, or sister, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, were told about his name.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton reveals newly born son name

Hilton and spouse Carter Reum revealed last month that they were expecting the birth of their child via surrogate.

“For the past few months, we’ve kept things very secret,” Hilton said on the podcast. “Not even my mom , my sister, or my closest friends – nobody knew that he was even one week old. So it was great to have Carter be our journey with each other because I feel that my life is very public and I’ve never ever had something that was just my own.”

She explained that the reason for keeping his name from her beloved ones was due to the fact that her life has become so open and she was certain it could get out.

“If you inform someone, they’ll tell someone else and suddenly it’s on TMZ and Page Six,” she stated. “So Carter and I literally agreed that we wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Hilton is also the author of her own book due out called “Paris The Memoir” that she has read aloud in a section of the book, in which she explains the reason why her husband decided to go by Phoenix as their name. Phoenix.

“If everything goes as planned when you have finished reading this article, Carter and I will have a son,” Hilton read. “We are planning to give him the name Phoenix”, a name I came up with some time ago when I was looking for cities, countries and states on a map searching for something to match Paris or London.”

She added: “More important, it’s the bird that burns and rises up from the ashes and fly once more. I hope that my son grows in a world where the cycle of triumph and disaster is cyclical and repeat themselves all through our lives. it should provide us with immense hope for the future.”

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