Tesla Stock: The Master Plan 3 Reveal

Tesla Stock: The Master Plan 3 Reveal. There are investor days, and then there’s Tesla’s (NASDAQ.TSLA) Investor Day. This event, which is highly anticipated, will be held at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin (Texas) on Wednesday, March 1. Elon Musk and his team will provide updates on everything, from global expansion plans/capacity to demand trends – particularly in China – to the state and future products.

Tesla Stock

Tesla Stock

Investors will be interested to learn more about Musk’s Tesla Stock hyped-up Master Plan 3.

Daniel Ives, analyst at Wedbush, expects that it will provide “further insight into a broader strategic roadmap looking forward and lays the foundations for the next decade of Tesla with the green tidal waves hitting worldwide on the shift to EVs.”

Ives anticipates many updates to the product roadmap. These updates will include information about the Cybertruck’s launch and the timing of its possible launch, updates on the Semi Truck and 4680 batteries technology, as well as details about how Tesla plans to bring down the vehicle cost to between $25k and $30k.

The 5-star analyst said that “a key focus will be on the next generation 3 platform for a lower Tesla vehicle for mass consumption and the strategy/unit economys to achieve this holy grail.” With EV tax credits abounding and competition coming in from all angles, lower prices are a key focus for the Street as they look ahead to the Tesla story.

Ives would like to see more information about Tesla Stock global infrastructure goals (Mexico Canada, Indonesia), although the potential game-changing impact of the new Inflation Reduction Act will put the spotlight on domestic production plans. Investors will also be interested in learning more about the FSD roadmap, robotaxis and Tesla’s long-term goal to produce 20 million cars by 2030.

Ives gave Tesla shares an Outperform rating (i.e. Buy) ahead of the event and set a $225 price target.

The Street is still firmly on Tesla’s side. Based on 22 Buys vs 6 Holds & 3 Sells, the stock has a Moderate Buy consensus rating. The $204.96 average target suggests that the shares are trading at their fair value.

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