This Mets Trea Turner contract seems bound to age poorly

This Mets Trea Turner contract seems bound to age poorly. It’s easy for anyone to see how old their MLB contracts will be when they reach a certain age. Some people are graceful. Some are graceful. Others, however, look just like Dorian Gray when he spotted his portrait. They shrink up. There are many regrets before the deal is even half done. There is no deal that the New York Mets should be worried about. However, one deal seems to be destined for a bit more pain near the end.

Francisco Lindor’s contract certainly qualifies him for this topic. In 2031, he’ll get $34.1 million. It’s not a bad deal for the Mets when compared to shortstops Trea Turner or Xander Bogaerts. These two players will get paid well into their 40s.

Also, there are some shorter deals that could look terrible. Jose Quintana could be a short-term bust. It doesn’t age very much. Which Mets contract is the most likely to turn gray quickly?

Trea Turner contract seems bound to age poorly

Trea Turner contract seems bound to age poorly

This offseason, the Mets needed to sign Brandon Nimmo. It is obvious. You would need a megaphone for communication with the other free agency options.

Fans who were aware of his potential expected something in the region of $100 million when he entered free agency. This was a huge sum for someone who has never been to an All-Star game, received no MVP votes and had a history missing time.

These expectations were blown away by Nimmo. He was awarded an eight-year contract worth $162 Million.

He will receive $18.5 million in 2023, and $20.5 million over the seven subsequent seasons. He’ll be playing at 37 years old in the 2030 season.

We already know where his career is headed. Nimmo will provide more quality years for the team as a centerfielder. He will eventually play in the corner when he gets a glove. This is the preferred route for most center fielders.

Nimmo is a little bit of an exception in his progression from a left-fielder/right fielder to a center fielder in baseball. It is possible it could last. It is possible that his tendency to get hurt could play a role faster than we would like.

We won’t see any drop in these numbers as Nimmo age. He is a fast player and doesn’t steal bases. However, it could hurt his defense. He runs to first base every walk, which puts him at risk of getting hurt or stepping on the wrong foot.

His eye at the plate is a part of his game that should age well. The latter half of Nimmo’s career, despite a decline in OBP in 2022 could be more dependent on his patience at the plate. His career has seen him reach for both high and low averages. He has always found a way to score runs. This will not change unless there are robot umpires who can help.

If it hadn’t been so long, this contract could have saved Nimmo from getting old. It is hard to imagine Nimmo staying healthy throughout his final years. It has become a priority for him, as he delayed his start in spring 2023.

In the first half, I believe we will get more healthy seasons. Unfortunately, the latter part will result in him playing less because his body is naturally breaking down. He was not able to extend his contract a bit earlier, with perhaps a few seasons left on the back-end.

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