Tom Sizemore: no hope for an actor after a brain aneurysm.

Tom Sizemore: no hope for an actor after a brain aneurysm.

Tom Sizemore

Tom Sizemore

After Tom Sizemore’s brain aneurysm, his manager said that the family is “deciding on the end of his life.”

Sizemore, 61 years old, is well-known for his roles in films such as Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, and Natural Born Killers.

He was also a drug addict and spent time in jail for domestic violence.

Charles Lago stated to US media that doctors had informed his family today that there was no hope for him and recommended an end-of-life decision.

He said, “The family is now deciding on end-of-life matters. A further statement will be made Wednesday.

We ask for privacy for his family. They would like to thank everyone who has sent them hundreds of prayers and support messages. They are going through a very difficult time.

Sizemore was a star in the 1990s and was portrayed by Tom Hanks as Sergeant Horvath, in Saving Private Ryan’s 1998 Oscar-winning film.

He also starred in Heat, Pearl Harbor and True Romance. For his role as a mobster, Witness Protection (1999 TV movie) was nominated for him a Golden Globe.

Fame and fortune brought fame and money, and he wrote about his addiction to heroin and crystal meth in his autobiography.

He was accused of attacking his wife Maeve Quinlan, an actress and tennis player, in 1997. Two years later, they divorced.

He was sentenced to six-months in prison for beating his girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss (ex-Hollywood madam), and ordered to undergo anger management and rehab.

He has been a regular in Twin Peaks’ 2017 revival and made a brief appearance on Netflix’s hit series Cobra Kai.

On 18 February, he suffered from a brain aneurysm.

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