We have got exciting news about Captain Marvel 2

We have got exciting news about Captain Marvel 2

We have got exciting news about Captain Marvel 2. It’s rumored that Marvel Studios screened November’s The Marvels for test audiences, and the feedback was quite interesting.

Captain Marvel 2 was delayed from July to November, but fans are still excited for the Captain Marvel team-up.

Insider Jeff Sneider recently said the movie was a mess, both in content and behind the scenes. Those accusations have been refuted by others. Now there’s word from some test screenings.

Test screenings for The Captain Marvel 2 go well

KC Walsh defended The Marvels after Jeff Sneider called it a “chaos” and a “shitshow” earlier in the week.

Asked if that meant the Captain Marvel sequel was better than Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. “No,” Walsh replied.

Marvel Test Screenings: Can They Be Trusted?

Test screenings are tricky because they’re often done early on. Fans have seen that the response to these screenings doesn’t always match how much audiences enjoy the finished product.

Last year, news of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania’s test screenings made the rounds, and people in attendance seemed to like it. Compare that to the film’s dismal Rotten Tomatoes score and you get the picture.

Movies can be anything. When The Marvels comes out, it could be great, or it could end up like Quantumania. Moreover, people have different opinions, so it’s impossible to please everyone. Even though a lot of people hated Ant-Man 3, there were still a lot of people who loved it.

Anyhow, The Marvels photon hits theaters November 10.

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