Mexican children comic Chabelo Passes Away at 88

Lopez's most renowned work, En Familia con Chabelo, ran for an astounding 48 years from 1967 to 2015.

On his Twitter account, Mexico's president shared that his own eldest son Jose Ramon had "woken up early to watch him (on television) more than four decades ago."

Lopez, who had no relation to the president, often performed dressed in kid's clothing well into his 80s. His work pioneered a genre of adult comics dressed up as children.

His long life and characteristic raspy squeak have led to jokes that he would outlive everyone else in show business.

Jessica Nevilley, Lopez's agent, confirmed his death Saturday morning and announced that funeral arrangements would be announced later.

As a U.S. citizen born to Mexican parents in Chicago, Lopez returned home with his family at an early age and pursued medical training; however, he ultimately found success through acting.

His family posted on his fan page that Lopez passed away suddenly due to "abdominal complications." He was survived by several children and his wife.

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