NCT 127 latest release Ay-Yo achieves the 2nd highest repackaged album sales on Hanteo Chart!

On February 6, Hanteo Chart revealed that NCT 127's Ay-Yo had sold an impressive 955,632 copies in its first week of release.

SEVENTEEN's repackaged album Sector 17 sold 1,126,104 albums worldwide in 2015.

This album not only topped the domestic album and music charts, but it also reached No. 1 on the Line Music Album Top 100 chart in Japan.

NCT 127 took the top spot with a World Index of 22,805.87 points on the Weekly World Chart for the first week of February.

Following this development, TOMORROW X TOGETHER placed second on the weekly world chart and BTS followed in third place.

NCT 127 released their repackaged 4th regular album and quickly rose to the top of both world and music charts.

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