Riddick Vin Diesel’s sci-fi movies, now on Netflix

Diesel's enthusiasm remains the unchanging thread throughout the series, even when Riddick's dusty machismo and blunt candor become tiresomely cliche on his third outing.

It's rare to find another series that has reached such heights, only to tack on every loose end and return to basics.

With the fourth Riddick movie currently in preproduction, it's difficult to predict where Diesel's character will end up next.

Riddick 4: Furya, the movie title proposed for Riddick 4, suggests we may be in for another Chronicles-style expansion of its scope and mythos.

Riddick's warrior race, as revealed in Chronicles, was Furya. At the beginning of Riddick, Riddick intended on going there before his crewmates made the mistake of trying to kill him.

Given the history of this franchise, however, this film could take a variety of approaches.

These sci-fi series don't follow the typical plot line for sci-fi series, nor does it follow that of other action movies that made Vin Diesel so famous in action movie land.

Instead, Twohy and his collaborators produced three films that are vastly different from one another.

Riddick may not be beloved to everyone else, but that just means we get one action franchise where no film ever relies on the success of its predecessor - all the better!

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